For Teachers in Schools

Based on our own research on teachers in Queensland, this is what we have discovered:

  • 73% of teachers who took the survey said it would be useful to have practical meditation sessions as part of their professional development.
  • 82% of them said there was nobody around at work to talk about wellbeing issues with. This would be part of the Teachers’ Wellbeing Course. There is no point in helping someone to meditate if the problems causing stress continue to be present.
  • Only 36% said there is nowhere to go for a quiet moment at work because it’s too busy or noisy. So most teachers have a place to use for a few quiet moments to be happier and better teachers, and we can be creative to come up with a way for the teachers that don’t have anywhere.
  • Only 27% of teachers who took the survey have had professional development that helped them cope with stress levels. That’s a good start, but 73% said it would be useful, which means that only about a third of teachers who would like this type of professional development are receiving it.
  • 64% of teachers said that they experience too much stress and at least 18% of them said that the stress from work already negatively affects other parts of their lives such as sleeping, relationships, health and other commitments.

We have a self-care course based on meditative techniques for teachers in schools. With our own teaching experience and our research into what teachers need and feel throughout the work day, we have come up with a course which gives you a variety of ways to:

Pictured above: happy teachers with our facilitator!
  • check in with yourself
  • be alert and calm
  • feel confident with the decisions you make throughout the day
  • support each other
  • look after your health
  • meditation specifically for teachers in schools

This course can take place at your school or on Zoom. It is based on real conversation and the content is constantly tailored to the needs of the group. It is important to remember that we are not doing this to ask teachers to continue to deal with persistent problems that are not being dealt with. If something comes up in discussion which is causing constant stress for the teachers in the group, we will work on short and long term solutions which may need to involve action outside of self care practice. Self-care techniques are only short-term solutions at first, so our course facilitators are experienced in guiding group discussions which allows teachers to be honest and real about what they feel and need. This is a huge benefit for the staff room culture, the working environment and the school in general.

We aim to use the time to take a step back and refocus in different ways, and guide you with the skills to do it for yourself. We consider it professional development but there are no tick-boxes or tasks to do. Only participation and willingness to benefit from the course is required, and a certificate will be issued on completion. This course helps you develop professionally by enabling you to add to your self-care repertoire and by providing time for you to practice it together during the sessions. Sharing ideas and checking on each other is a big part of this, so that the ideas covered are not only in our repertoires but so that we also use them successfully.

Contact us to talk about arranging this for your teachers.