Rethinking Training

For those who are looking for a different perspective on training, we encourage you to start rethinking training and make changes by looking at your sessions from a different perspective.

Our short courses are a good introduction to how we can help you.  They take three hours and you can participate online or through our self access courses which will be available soon:

  1. Inner knowledge and how to use this in a training session
  2. Strengthen the training relationship
  3. What participants contribute to a training session
  4. Meditations for trainers
  5. How to use visualisation effectively in training sessions
  6. How to use reflection effectively in training sessions
  7. Processing during a training session
  8. How to use questions more effectively throughout your course.
  9. How and why to flip your training session.
  10. Proof of learning when typical validation doesn’t work for your participants.
  11. How to relate to participants who are dealing with a different life situation to you.
  12. How to make sure those who have limited knowledge of your language are able to learn.

We have a wide range and depth of experience in the training and learning world and we aim to help you start rethinking training and finding humanized training solutions for your workplace.