How meditation makes training more effective

How meditation makes training more effective
Using meditation in training

For adults, meditation makes any training much more effective. The learning we do as an adult is in some ways much more important than the learning we do as a child.  We should have a more evolved kind of learning by the time we are adults, and this is important for our evolution.  

Think about it. By the time we consider ourselves adults we should be able to:

-evaluate and apply our previous experience,

-know how to consult each other,

-discuss ideas in a mature manner. 

This leads to a more evolved type of learning. Learning which enables us to develop our own perspective. Learning which enable us to contribute to information and to be discerning. 

But to be able to learn effectively as adults, we need the time  to process information suggested to us. For adults this includes:

–  evaulating it

–  applying our previous knowledge

–  recognizing insights, feelings and thoughts that come up around it

Sometimes we need to learn like robots, for example when learning precise techniques for operating a machine safely. We can’t decide we prefer to operate it a different way or experiment. But there are so many training situations where participants are expected to learn like robots when an element of processing, evaluating and discussion is necessary to make it meaningful to us. When we process information in this way, we are not learning like robots. We’re humans learning with our own wisdom and this helps us excel at what we do.

Processing information is much easier effective and faster if we have the space for it. It might get processed on the way home while we’re driving or while we’re doing a mundane task. But if we are facilitating a course we can arrange for the information to be processed right there during the session itself if we have some quiet time or in dialogue with others.

This is how meditation makes training the most effective and fastest way to provide this processing time for participants.  Then you can get to the real learning and discuss what came up!  Think about how you can do this for your courses or contact us for unique, distinctive ideas for your course or company. Meditation links coming up! Get notified when they do.

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